Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trippin' Local Day 2: Lazy Sunday

After a day spent mid air hanging from ropes and chasing ghosts, you might want to enjoy a lazy Sunday by sleeping in, and then hanging out in one of San Francisco’s many neighborhoods.

If you’re like most people, sleeping in will mean waking up in time for lunch. And, there’s no better place to grab some grub than the lower Pac Heights neighborhood. From Union Square, hop on Muni line 38 or 38L on Geary Street. It’s a quick 10 to 15 minute bus ride before you hop off on Fillmore Street. Exit the bus right then turn left on to Filmore. Walk up three blocks to Bush Street. The next four blocks are lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes with outdoor seating.

This is a great neighborhood to people watch as the locals leisurely walk in and out of the shops, or sit sipping their cup of joe on the outside patio of a restaurant or cafe. It’s a very family oriented environment as indicated by the numerous baby strollers being pushed around. At any given moment you’ll find dogs of all sizes tied to parking meters or bus stop shelters outside the boutiques waiting patiently for their masters to finish shopping.

Roast Pork Sandwich at Bun Mee
By now you’ve probably worked up an appetite. Walk up a block and a half, and nestled between Pine and California Streets is a new Vietnamese sandwich eatery called Bun Mee. If you’ve never had a Vietnamese sandwich before, you’re in for a real treat. Try the Roast Pork sandwich. The savory pork is balanced by the sweet pickeled carrots with a slight kick on the back end by the jalapenos. Scrumptious. To drink, have the strawberry lychee. So refreshing.
Strawberry Lychee at Bun Mee

Once you’ve satisfied your taste buds and filled your stomach you’ll want to do as the locals do and enjoy the boutiques. Pop in to Betsey Johnson for some colorful whimsical outfits or check out the leather goods and men's and women's apparel at Hlaska. If you want something ecclectic and modern for the home or office stop by Zinc Details. But, the perfect place to shop on a lazy Sunday is the newly opened pet store George on Sacramento Street just left of Fillmore.

If all the shopping has put you in the mood for something sweet grab a table at Citizen Cake. Indulge yourself with a cupcake of the day or one of their mouthwatering pastries. To bring your sugar levels back to normal try the orange oolong tea with your order. Reservations are recommended, but it’s a lazy Sunday and you just might get lucky.

Vanilla Cupcake and Tea at Citizen Cake
You’ll probably want to take a load off your feet after all the shopping. As you exit Citizen Cake make a left on Fillmore then another left on Sacramento Street. Walk a block to Steiner and make a right. Continue walking another block to Clay. On your left is Alta Plaza Park. Climb the steps to the top, turn around and take in a gorgeous view of San Francisco. Find a bench or claim a spot on the lawn and just soak in some vitamin D (don’t forget the sunscreen) while you read that novel you’ve been meaning to finish.

Alta Plaza Park
A light lunch, shopping, a sweet snack, a good read and all of a sudden it’s time for dinner. Make your way back to Fillmore and turn left. Between Sacramento and Clay Streets you’ll find Peruvian cuisine being served up at Fresca. Try the Chuleton de Chancho for your main entree with a glass of sangria. The succulent grilled pork chop, black beans, aji honey mustard, plantains, and mango mustard salsa will not only fill you up, it will delight your tastebuds. But, dinner isn’t dinner without dessert. Hope you have a sweet tooth because the Tres Leches cake is rich, moist and decadent.

Castro Theatre
With the sun setting it’s time to continue the chill vibe and head over to one of San Francisco’s landmarks, the Castro Theatre. As you exit Fresca, make a left and walk two and a half blocks to Jackson Street and catch the 24-Divisadero Muni Line. Get off at Castro and Market Street the theatre will be on your left. The Castro Theatre "...is one of a few remaining movie palaces in the nation from the 1920’s that is still in operation." Movie watching isn’t what it used to be. During May 2011 the Castro Theatre will be remembering Elizabeth Taylor and showing some of her most memorable movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Giant, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.

With your lazy Sunday at an end, it’s time to head back home and prepare for the next time you go Trippin’ Local.

Trippin' Local: Pilot Episode Wrap Up

It's been an adventurous past couple of months shooting the pilot episode of Trippin' Local.  We've had a lot of laughs in planning pre-production, production, and post-production.  The Trippin' Local team would like to thank all of you for supporting and following us on this journey.  It's never work when you enjoy what you do.  Stay tuned to see where we drop our suitcase next and go Trippin' Local.  Until then, follow us on @Trippin_Local, read our Trippin' Local Blog, and be our friend on facebook.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Trippin' Local Out Takes

While we take our work seriously at Trippin' Local, it's never a dull moment on location.  If you want to see what all the fun is about you'll have to tune in to the premiere of the Trippin' Local pilot.  Until then, you can follow us on twitter @Trippin_Local and we'd also love to have you as a friend on facebook.  Special thanks to Wylie Burge for the original score.