Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Trippin' Local Team

You might be wondering what it takes to produce a half hour show like Trippin' Local.  Well, it takes a team of dedicated, talented and well rounded individuals who are each experienced in all facets of production from conception to execution.

Danielle Cheifetz, Producer/Writer

Danielle sets the standard for the “ideal” producer.  She is upbeat (occassionally breaking out in dance), organized and not afraid to crack the whip when necessary.  Danielle is all about creative collaboration, and knows when to compromise and when to stand her ground.

Raymund Aranda, Associate Producer/Social Media Producer

Raymund is as comfortable being in front of the camera, as he is behind the scenes coordinating and scheduling crew, venues, talent and extras.  He is also Trippin’ Local’s resident tweeter, blogger, facebook friend and photographer.

Vivek Mohan Kumar, Director of Photography/Editor

“A visual artist first,” Trippin’ Local is proud to have one of the most in-demand Directors of Photography on it’s team...Vivek Mohan Kumar.  Like paint strokes on canvas, he allows the layers of the story to paint a picture then signs it with his personal style.

Kristy Siefkin, Host/Writer

Intellectual, witty, and easy on the eyes, this blonde bombshell is a talent to be reckoned with.  Personable and approachable, every girl wants to be her BFF, and every guy wants to be her BF.

Hailey Yang, 2nd Camera/Asst. Editor

A master story teller and talented editor, Trippin’ Local is proud to have Hailey Yang on it’s team.  She interprets a story the way a dream unfolds itself in slumber.

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