Monday, April 4, 2011

Trippin' Local

You go on vacation to get some rest and relaxation.  Unfortunately, planning a vacation is anything but relaxing.  Between surfing the internet for travel deals and trying to pack minimally about the only thing your feeling is frustration.

Why not avoid the hassle of planning a trip, and vacation in your own city.  Trippin' Local is a travel show, hosted by Kristy Siefkin, which shows you how to enjoy your city in ways that you might not even knew existed.  The Trippin' Local pilot is currently in production.  Here are a couple of behind the scenes snaps to give you an idea of what we've been up to and a clue to where we're vacationing.  Can you guess the city?

Now drop that suitcase, because we're Trippin' Local!

Our Host Kristy Siefkin

Kristy, Dir. of Photography Vivek Mohan Kumar, Camera Asst. Junan Wang

Vivek setting up the shot.

Vivek directing Kristy

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